Hokkaido Golf Tourism

Great Course Selection

Which countries have the most golf courses in the world? Japan comes in third after the United States and England. Japan offers many different types of courses, all with beautiful views and the highest maintenance standards, and all with a variety of ratings, challenges, traditions and history.

High Standards of Course Conditions and Maintenance

Due to Japan’s four distinctive seasons, our golf course maintenance systems have been customized to enhance play during every season and type of weather. Many courses use European turf, which is well known for its superb quality and long, rolling drives. Our superior course conditions are recognized widely around the world and Hokkaido hosts a wide variety of professional tournaments.

Hokkaido Golf Tourism Commentary by Paul Sheehan


Paul Sheehan’s first win in Japan was at the Fujisankei Classic in 2004. He has two other wins here, the 2004 Golf Nippon Series and the 2006 Japan Open. Nowadays Paul plays mainly on the PGA Tour of Australia and the Japan Golf Tour.


what are the good points of Hokkaido’s golf indudstry?
The attraction to Golf course in Hokkaido is firstly they are a very high level.There is many golf courses all over Hokkaido. I have enjoyed coming here for many years and find that these are some of the best Golf courses in Japan. That’s for many reasons, that’s because of the weather, that’s because of the grasses, that’s because also the other things you to get experiences which is the food, also proximity to the golf courses also very close that’s very important for golf travellers. Also, being an Australian it works really well with the winter season vs summer season and so on. So these are many reasons why Hokkaido is very attractive for golf tourists and it is my job to spread the word to Australians and international travellers to come to Hokkaido to experience all these great things. We have also gone and tasted some sake, we have gone to museums. So these are all things that we want to show the tourists and our clients in the future.  And another really big factor as I joked before is that the Japanese beer, the Sapporo Classic up here I reckon is the best beer in the world. 
What is the challenge for the golf market in Hokkaido?
Some of the issues we golf in Japan is the booking times, so most golf courses in Japan you can only book until within 3 months. For most golf tourists are planning their trips 12 to 18 months in advance and this would help golf travellers coming to Japan so that would be one of my recommendations. What we find with a lot of travellers when they’re looking or considering Japan is that the information isn’t there so it’s very hard for them to form an opinion. Obviously, a lot of them will then come to ask us and ask for us what are our recommendations. 
What is the points to be improved for the golf market in Hokkaido?
For the government side of the things you want more numbers coming here so that would be a recommendation for the Golf courses that they could also make it a little more easy to get that information. So the trends and needs of golfers in Australia is certainly, they like to travel for golf, they like to play great golf courses, they are also very budge conscious Australians so they like to have value for money. For coming to destinations for golf, certainly a place like Hokkaido would be appealing because of other things like food, culture, beers, you know, sake and so on.  
Could you tell us about the trends and needs of Australian golfers?
Australians are all looking for the new destinations for golf and this is why I believe Hokkaido is definitely another option. So potential is huge. It is a great destination. There are many golf courses.It’s certainly not on most people’s radar so I believe with good promotions and advertising to the broader market then I think many golf tourists from all around the world will consider Hokkaido as a option for their next golf trip.
How do you think about the potential of golf tourism in Hokkaido?
And that’s based around great golf courses, once again, great food, great weather, (you know), accommodation.So I think in the next period of time that they’re really going to grow the inbound golf travel to Hokkaido.  


Why Hokkaido?

There are any number of enjoyable golf courses in Asia. But in my opinion, Hokkaido is the best place for playing golf and a superior golf destination for the following three reasons:
First, our cool and comfortable temperatures.
Second, many of our golf courses are built near major airports and the centers of major cities.
Third, excellent entertainments such as restaurants and sightseeing spots are abundantly available.
Our main goal today is to tell you more about all these facts about golfing in Hokkaido – you’ll soon see why we’re one of the best-kept secrets in the golfing world.
There are many golf courses in Hokkaido. In fact, 150 (one hundred fifty) out of Japan’s total 2,300 (twenty-three hundred) courses are in Hokkaido. As you can see on this map, many of our courses are situated around Sapporo or New Chitose Airport.
Despite being a small island country, Japan has a lot of golf courses. In the United States, there are 15,000 (fifteen thousand) golf courses, which is the highest number in the world. The US is followed by England’s 2,600 (twenty-six hundred). Japan comes in third.  We offer many different types of courses, all with beautiful views and the highest maintenance standards, and all with a variety of ratings, challenges, traditions and history.

One of the most attractive factors when playing golf in Hokkaido is its beautiful scenery.
Playing golf in the vastness of nature adds so much to the experience.  Our highly regarded golf courses host world-class tournaments and are grand and majestic.
Our turf in Hokkaido is famous for its high quality, which is produced by our fine summer weather.
Our best-known turf is our bent grass. As you know, bent grass is used in the finest golf courses in Europe and America. In Japan, it’s only used in cooler places – including Hokkaido. Balls roll well, true, and long.
Our high quality turf is only one of the main reasons Hokkaido hosts many professional golf tournaments.
You can choose any style you like – with or without caddie, or with or without cart.
Shopping is a fun activity after a day of golf.  There are large golf specialty stores in Sapporo and Kita-Hiroshima.
A variety of golf clubs and gear made in Japan are available at these stores.  Practice hitting areas are provided inside the stores, too.
Golfers visiting from overseas have the privilege of duty-free shopping. “Golf 5” in Kita-Hiroshima is a very popular store and highly recommended for a visit.