Model Courses


Its cooler and less humid weather makes Hokkaido the most popular summer retreat for Japanese people. Our Luxury Tour naturally focuses on cool and comfortable golf play, combined with various attractions such as gourmet foods and Japanese cultural experiences.
First and foremost, you’ll be playing at four prestigious courses, including The North Country Golf Club – a perennial favorite with luxury golfers who visit repeatedly from the US and Europe – and Sapporo Kitahiroshima Golf Club, with its 54 well-tended holes and adjacent hotel conveniently and centrally located to Sapporo.
You’ll balance top-flight golf with authentic Hokkaido experiences, such as a visit to Japan’s first Ainu National Museum (opening in 2020), where you’ll enjoy the traditional dance and unique cultural activities of Japan’s aboriginal people, as well as sightseeing around Sapporo while dressed in kimonos or yukatas.
No visit to Hokkaido is complete without tasting our world-renowned foods and drinks.  Included is a sushi experience (eating and also learning to make your own) and a local sake brewery tour to discover your new favorite 19th hole beverage.  Golf, gourmet activities, and all the beauty of Japan’s north – Hokkaido has it all!


Hokkaido is a popular travel destination for people in Asia and this 5-day tour features all their favorites – Hot Springs, Food and Sightseeing.
The relaxation starts as soon as you arrive, as your hotel room features a private hot springs bath.  After a good, long soak nothing beats the supreme taste of fresh local crab and sashimi at your hotel’s dining room buffet.
Your tour features golf at three popular courses:  Noboribetsu Country Club with its easy access from your hotel, Sapporo Kitahiroshima Golf Club with 54 well-tended holes, and The North Country Golf Club, a perennial favorite with luxury golfers from all over the world.
Let’s not forget about shopping!  You’ll have time to visit golf specialty stores selling clubs and accessories available only in Japan.  And we’ve left the last day of the tour open, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your favorite local food and drinks, or re-visit your favorite spots, one more time.  Everything has been designed for you to make unforgettable memories and enjoy the best of Hokkaido to the maximum!